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Diamond Mysteries

An Interactive Mystery Experience

Creating Murder Mysteries has been a passion of mine for a long time. When I was younger, the passion came in the form of my favorite cartoon being Scooby Doo!

 When I became older and able to hone my creative talents, I found hosting, and later creating my own Mysteries tied all my talents together, from event planning, photo editing, story writing, to prop making and roleplaying. At the time of its birth, I was surrounded by a great group of friends who loved role playing and strategy games, excited to take on many different characters and solving crimes. I also had awesome college friends passionate in filming these events, who I can't thank enough. I’m still in awe that I wrote and hosted a dinner theatre for over 100 patrons, working with Molloy College, which is my greatest achievement to date.

Though Covid had postponed hosting group events, as the world heals I hope to host them once again!

West Side MURDER
Dinner Theater for over 100 people with CAP21 Students
at The Madison Theater of Molloy College

West Side MURDER

West Side MURDER