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Jack Of Diamonds Creations

No matter what stage of my life I'm experiencing, I'm creating. From doodles as a kid, to using every medium at my disposal as an adult, I always have a project (or many) ongoing. I worked as a film student and intern, face painted children, and created and directed Murder Mysteries for over 100 people. I've taught art programs at my local library, and created and toured a walk-through space experience as the President of the Astronomy club in college.


Now currently putting my creative talents together, I finally have a business that encompasses everything I'm passionate about. From unique hand poured and painted resin earrings, keychains and accessories, to aromatherapy plushies and unscented plush buddies, to conducting oracle readings, guided mediations, crystal consultations and guidance in a DIY essential oil roll on station with herbs and crystals, everything is made with love and intention. 

No matter where life takes me, I know for sure I'll be creating. 


Why did I choose

Jack of Diamonds?

Well the simplest answer- is that my first and middle name are: Jackie Diamond. I know, pretty unique right? My mom gave me that middle name inspired by her godfather, Jack Diamond King. Before him, Diamond was a surname for many generations in our family. 

Because of this, I've always been inspired by diamonds. When I aspired to work in the film industry, my first production name was Diamond in the Rough Productions. When I host and perform Murder Mysteries, my company name is Diamond Mysteries. 


Along with the cuteness that the Jack of Diamonds is a playing card, my mom always used to call me Jack. She's the one who taught me to create, and I hope I continue to make her proud as I miss her everyday. 

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