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Solace Sustenance 

A Metaphysical Subsection of Jack of Diamonds Creations

I've personally had experience and creative exploration in the whole field of meditation, crystals, astrology, oils and tarot/oracle cards for the last five years.

I was the president of the astronomy club in college so I used to give planetarium shows and walkthroughs, and have been interested in astrology most of my life, so I feel it was all meant to converge at this time. 
I host meditations, curate crystal, ritual, zodiac and feng shui sets, make essential oil and bath salt blends, and consult astrology charts, crystal curations and oracle card readings.

Now I have an amazing herb and crystals station where we can curate an essential oil roll on based on intention to help manifest! It's so much fun exploring all the possible creations with everyone!

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